Lost Cats' Home The Lost Cats' Home

The Lost Dogs' Home has been caring for cats since 1986. Since 2007 we have experienced a 40% increase in the number of cats coming to us in need of care and shelter. We fear that this trend will only continue due to environmental and social changes.

In fact, cat and kitten admissions now exceed that of dogs and puppies - more than 10,000 a year.

Our priority, as the leading animal welfare organisation in the country, is to ensure that we provide stray and abandoned cats with the highest level of care.

Your donation to the Lost Cats' Home will help shape the future for lost cats and kittens and offer them the best chance at a happy and healthy life.

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The shelter promises to be a state-of-the-art facility, where cats and kittens will be housed in a secure, quiet and welcoming environment, away from the noise and bustle of our main shelter in Gracie Street.

The current facilities for cats and kittens at the Home are far from ideal and were only ever intended to be a short-term arrangement for much fewer numbers. There are four areas within the Home where cats are housed: two buildings for strays, one room for ill and injured cats and an adoption room. Although each area has been updated as required and complies with necessary Codes, in our eyes it is not good enough for the animals.

Current facilities also place a strain on staff - cat flu is an ever present concern. This highly contagious virus is aggravated by stress and staff are constantly monitoring all cats and kittens for the first signs of flu, which then requires moving them to the 'isolation' area.

We have purchased the property adjacent to the main shelter and have had plans drawn up for the development of The Lost Cats' Home. When completed the shelter will occupy 617 metres square. - over four times the size of the current cat shelter area - providing the space needed to care for cats now, and well into the future.

The Lost Cats' Home will represent one of the most important achievements the Home has made for cat welfare. By making a gift, you will be a part of this pioneering project.

Within the new purpose-built shelter, each cat and kitten will be housed in individual 'cat condos'. These condos feature temperature controls and state-of-the-art, separate ventilation systems. We have 30 condos in use and have already witnessed a massive decrease in the spread of cat flu and the stress of animals. By housing every cat in this manner, we will be able to minimise any outbreak of cat flu, thus saving lives.

The condos are easier to clean and keep hygienic. Cats are also given an 'ensuite' where the litter tray is kept, allowing them privacy and also minimising odour. It makes for a much more comfortable, cleaner, quieter and welcoming shelter.

A more welcoming, quieter and lighter space will not only benefit the cats, but people looking for their missing cat will also be able to view stray cats much more easily. It is hoped that by developing The Lost Cats' Home, more cat owners will be aware of its existence, therefore the pitifully low claim rates may begin to improve.

We are very excited about this project. For far too long cats and kittens have been overlooked in the community. We now have the opportunity to turn their lives around and give them the care they deserve. I hope you are able to join us by making a gift.